About Us

Orange Brain Design Shop is a design, decor & sign company. All pieces are designed & handmade by owners, Kim & Sonny Baker, a husband & wife team that works out of their home in Roanoke, TX.

We create unique art & functional pieces for the home or office. These pieces include canvas framed art prints & wood designs, such as quotable art, wedding gifts, charcuterie boards & wine cork displays. We enjoy creating one of a kind pieces to delight & inspire. Custom, personalized options are also available.

The Design Brain

I am the Creative Director & design brain behind Orange Brain Design Shop. I graduated with a BFA in graphic design (many years ago) & have had various cool design jobs over the years that helped my creative brain grow. I started Orange Brain Studio, my freelance graphic design business in 2010 with the hopes of one day running my own store. I have the pleasure of working with some amazing clients & also getting to create fun products that hopefully inspire & make people smile. I love coming up with new artwork & creations & enjoy helping people make custom pieces unique to them.


The Builder Brain

I have always loved to build things. From woodworking to building computers, my brain is always thinking about how things works and new and better ways to construct projects. I work on the computer all day for my job in cloud architecture so working with my hands and making items is a nice way to balance out the technological side of my brain and get me out of the office chair. It’s very rewarding to see our pieces go from art files on the computer to final finished pieces.


The Dog Brains

We are the doberman fur babies of Kim & Sonny and don’t really do much for the business except beg our parents to take time out of their busy schedules to walk and play with us every day. We enjoy lots of pets and tugging with toys. Also, we may have been the inspiration for a product or two.

-Lola & Meco